Research shows a person who has Humour Skills is perceived as being more confident, competent and charismatic than those who don't. They are also rated as more likeable, trustworthy and persuasive as compared to the humour-challenged because humour is a super power.

Humour not only makes people feel great by helping them to laugh, it also makes people think, feel and connect to you and your message in a uniquely powerful, impactful and memorable way.

And here’s the good news - Humour Skills can be learned. I say this with confidence as a person who has successfully created and delivered humour for 41 years and successfully taught humour skills for 30 years.

It's time to leverage levity and become a stand out presenter. Use the form below to contact me about details!

"Anthony thanks again for your encouragement and excellent coaching in this fun field! I just had another great day up the front delivering my keynote. Lots of laughter and engagement!!!!! You are the Obi-Wan of public speaking with humour. If you talk for a living you need to talk with Anthony Ackroyd!!!!!!" - Dave Brebner

"My rapport with clients has gone through the roof since honing my humour skills and that has led to my business being more profitable. Anthony's coaching has been invaluable!" - Sarah  James

"I can personally attest to the brilliant guidance this extremely funny man provides. Book me for your speaker needs, and see how good Anthony Ackroyd is!" - John Davey


Humour Skills make a huge difference to the success of any presenter or business person.

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I can give you further information by email or/and I also offer a free mini consultation where we can work out your Humour Skills goals to see if Coaching is right for you.